Gideon Shaw Bowen

April 2, 1885 - May 5, 1923

The eleventh child, he was born in Arba, Indiana. Went to school through the sixth grade and self taught himself many skills, including playing the violin, telegraphy, real estate broker, home builder, farmer, Watkins distributor, grain elevators owner and operator and general entrepreneur.  For about twenty years, he was a station agent for Penn Railway for 56 hours a week that he regarded as a part time job.  Married Ursula Mae Anderson May 20, 1908 and they had six children, four living at the time of his death, Maurice Anderson Bowen, Dale Malcolm Bowen, Mary Vivian Bowen and Vaughn Eugene Bowen.  Buried at Spartanburg, Indiana.

his father:   Benjamin F. Bowen   1839 - 1922
his mother:    Rexville E. Shaw Bowen  1845 -  1922