Ursula Mae Anderson Bowen

March 25, 1892 - 1954

She was the first of two daughters to an Irish Catholic mother and a Quaker father. She married Gideon Bowen May 20, 1908, a young Penn Railroad station agent. The union rules 'bumped' him often, so they lived in many places in Indiana, Illinois and Michigan until he got some seniority, then they settled in Lynn Indiana. Gideon died May 5, 1923 leaving her with four small children, the oldest being diabetic and dying five years later. She went from a life of comfort to a life of hardship, but always retained a good sense of humor and a ready laugh. She loved gardening, and one year put up 1,008 canned goods. She died of pemphigus, leaving Dale Malcolm Bowen, Mary Vivian Love and Vaughn Eugene Bowen and nine grandchildren. Buried at Spartanburg, Indiana.
her father: Alonzo Anderson Febuary 20, 1859 - 1913
her mother: Mary Welch 1872 - 1953