Bessie Marie Werts Hardwick

Sept 28, 1898 - Nov 17, 1986

Mother Hardwick was born in Urbana, Illinois and moved to Frankfort, Indiana when she was a small girl. She graduated from Frankfort High School, where, at four foot eleven inches, she played center on the basketball team. She lived in Randolph County, Indiana since 1920. She was a member of the Spartanburg United Methodist Church, where she was a member of the United Methodist Women. She was the widow of Ralph Hardwick, who died in June 1983. She was survived by two sons; Phillip Dean Hardwick of Melrose, Florida, Donald Butler Hardwick of Richmond, Indiana, and two daughters, Betty Ellen Bales of Lynn, Indiana and Vivian Marie Bowen of Corpus Christi, Texas. Also surviving her were 10 grandchildren, 21 great-grandchildren and 5 great-great-grandchildren, a sister, Doris Clifford of Kokomo, Indian and a brother, Carlos Werts of Frankfort, Indiana. She was buried at the Huntsville cemetery.
her father: Hammer Werts - April 11, 1862 - June 20, 1947
her mother: Lydia Ellen Mathews Werts - Dec 10, 1865 - April 10, 1918